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Maclean CPA Brand Design

The Problem

Maclean CPA was looking to update their branding to fit their current business mandate.  They were looking for a more current brand that would fit their targeted clientele of small business owners.

Maclean CPA also had an existing website built using a host-based design application.  They were looking to create a self-managed website with full control over the design, layout, and functionality.


The Solution

McCalden Designs created a clean logo and brand package that can be used throughout all marketing materials products by Maclean CPA.  The constant look and feel throughout their marketing products with the new branding style creates a clean and cohesive message. We used the new branding to create a new WordPress based website displaying the products and services provided by Maclean CPA. McCalden Designs assists Maclean CPA with ongoing site maintenance and updates.