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At McCalden Designs we know that you are a small business owner that deserves great communication.  You deserve a design company that hears your vision and works with you to bring results.  

As a small business owner you are worried about outsourcing your design and losing control of your vision.  We help your business to clarify your design ideas and communicate your business as you grow. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • We work with you to clarify your design and communication needs
  • We will plan a (custom) solution with a consistent business brand
  • We implement and execute the plan to communicate and grow your business

So, schedule a free meet up to talk about your vision.  In the meantime download a free map to getting started with communicating your business.

Stop stressing about loosing control of your vision and instead take control of your design and communication and grow your business.

Would you like to set up a call to discuss your ideas?

I been working with McCalden designs for several years now. When I met Libby we launched a completely revamped website for my visual art practice. I couldn't be any happier with the way the site turned out. Libby also provided a promotional package including business card, gift cards. My experience with McCalden Designs is ongoing, positive and pivotal to my social outreach as an artist. I am always impressed with Libby's excellent communication skills. She listens well and spends time understanding my artwork and the best way to reach my audience. She also gives advice on current methods to make navigating the social media world more efficient. I always look forward to working with Libby. She is helpful, professional and her rates are fair and affordable."
Mary Pfaff
Mary Pfaff Studio