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Camp Awakening

Website Design | MARKETING DESIGN | website Maintenance

The Problem

Camp Awakening had a website that was not responsive and was designed and hosted by a company that made if difficult to maintain the site themselves, costing them money.

Camp Awakening also requires ongoing assistance with their marketing materials for various fundraising events and display products.

The Solution

McCalden Designs created a responsive and accessible website which covers the three branches of Camp Awakenings business, summer camp, youth programs and fundraising.  The new theme represents the camp life, with lots of pictures of smiling, happy kids.

The marketing products produced by McCalden designs continue the camp feeling with bright colours, rustic fonts and fun graphics.

McCalden Designs provides continuing website maintence for Camp Awakeing.  This includes website backs, updates, edits and assiting with finding new solutions for supporting their wide range of services.